Sabtu, 26 November 2011

0 Cheats Unlimited Energy with Charles

Credit : Emre Stau

Download Charles HERE
Register & License key =>
Registered name: Levin Prescott Tull
License key: 1beda9831c78994f43
[+] Open Charles
[+] Login Facebook with Google Chrome 
[+] Click this request link [Energy03] 
[+] Wait until the menu option friends or neighbors appear.
[+] Choose friends who will send requests or your own anothers id [account]
[+] Send & wait until the loading E&A finish
[+] Close E&A
[+] Back to Charles who had first opened earlier 
[+] Find the folder ""
[+] Right click on the "
[+] Choose Repeat advanced
[+] nput value iterations then click ok
[+] Check it on session 2 [expand folder ""] & wait until process finish
[+] The final step, login to your anothers account [FB] who already sent a request
[+] Open E&A game and check inbox and click on help.
[+] Done !!!

See this picture & click for more details>>>

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Credit : Orang Luar Kga tau Sapa ??

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